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Center Requests Assam Government to Nab Causes of Kokrajhar Attack

New Delhi: In the awaken of eliminating of 14 people by militants in Kokrajhar, the Center has advised the Assam govt to search down those engaged in the strike create them to rights.

Making a suo motu declaration in Lok Sabha, House Reverend Rajnath Singh said he has already taken up the problem with the local govt.

Center Requests Assam Government to Nab Causes of Kokrajhar Attack

Center Requests Assam Government to Nab Causes of Kokrajhar Attack

“I have taken up with the Assam govt and the protection causes in a condition to monitor down the militants engaged in this strike, so that they are taken to rights for this legal activity against humankind,” he said during Zero Time.

Giving information of the Aug 5 occurrence, the Reverend said there was a fear strike at a populated every week market at Balajan Tiniali in Kokrajhar region of Assam.

Quoting available information, he said around 11.30 AM, the terrorists, allegedly dressed in army-like fatigues, set on flame some homes and stores which led to a cyndrical tube boost and flame in the area.

This was followed by infrequent shooting on the team of customers by the militants.

“14 simple individuals — 8 Bodo men, one lady, one kid and four others died in the strike. 19 individuals were damaged who are under therapy in various medical centers of the region and a condition investment,” he said.

Singh said a condition cops and protection causes responded quickly and neutralised one militant whose identification is yet to be recognized.

From the slain militant one AK 56 weapon, two publications of stay ammo and one grenade were retrieved.

“The actual number of militants and the militant team engaged in the strike is being examined,” the House Reverend said, including the local govt has made acceptable preparations for the therapy of those harmed in the strike.

Exgratia comfort of Rs 5 Lakh has been offered to the next of kin of those murdered, Rs 1 lakh to those damaged and Rs 20,000 to those with simple accidents. A legal case has been authorized at Kokrajhar Police Place to examine the fear strike.

“I condemn this dastardly strike on simple individuals who died and on part of this Aug House, express genuine condolences to the surviving family associates and wish to the lord to give them durability in this challenging time.

“On part of all the associates, I also wish for beginning and complete restoration of those harmed,” Singh said.

The problem was also raised in the Rajya Sabha by The legislature participant Santiuse Kujur saying that in Dec 2014, the Center had released an ‘Operation All Out’ to get rid of NDFB(S) militants. However, the function was later removed. The The legislature participant requested the Center to re-launch the function.

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