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Letparliamentwork » I Have Information of Crime by PM Modi, Says Rahul Gandhi

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I Have Information of Crime by PM Modi, Says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: The legislature innovator Rahul Gandhi on Wed stated he has “documents” revealing “corruption” by Primary Reverend Narendra Modi and that the PM was hence “terrified” of allowing him talk in Parliament.

Immediately after the Home was adjourned for the day amongst sloganeering, Rahul informed mediapersons that it was because of this that treasury seats were not enabling Parliament to operate.

“Pradhanmantri ji ke baare mein bhrashtachar ka kuch individual details hai hamaare paas, jo vo hume sadan mein rakhne nahi de rahe (I have private information on crime such as the Primary Reverend. If I talk, his increase will rush. So, Modi is individually frightened with the details I have),” Gandhi said.

A rebellious Rahul also dared the govt to allow the Opposition to talk in the Home. “The PM owes the nation an description to the nation. He cannot keep operating away to pop events and community conferences.” he included.

I Have Information of Crime by PM Modi, Says Rahul Gandhi

I Have Information of Crime by PM Modi, Says Rahul Gandhi

TMC leaderr Sudip Bandyopadhyay, who was associated with Gandhi, said the whole Parliamentary program is experiencing a “threat” as govt is not enabling the Home to operate efficiently and allow the opposition to talk.

“We cannot discover why so much cockiness on the aspect of the govt. The speech of the opposition is going to be gagged. Parliamentary democratic program is now threatened by only to withstand that Rahul Gandhi will not be able to talk,” he said.

He said the govt is growing speculation that after Rahul Gandhi talks, the opposition will not allow the Home to operate. “It is completely wrong,” he said.

Bandyopadhyay billed the govt is not enabling the opposition to talk in Lok Sabha and this was “unfortunate and disgraceful”.

P Karunakaran (CPI-M) said all 16 parties came together on the problem of demonetisation and desired a conversation on the problem, but the govt is now enabling this.

“Government is not willing to respond to concerns. The Primary Reverend is responsible to Parliament but has not come to the Lok Sabha. It is very obvious that they are not prepared to respond the concerns brought up.

The Primary Reverend is operating away from Parliament which indicates he is operating away from individuals,” he said.

NCP leader Tariq Anwer said this is the new that such an environment has been given where the opposition is not able to talk.

“It is a fringe movement by the govt. The whole opposition is u. s.. What is the govt worrying from. We are all u. s.. Let us be able to talk,” he said.

Gandhi was associated with a few other parties management besides his own management in Lok Sabha, such as Mallikarjun Kharge and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Immediately after the accusations BJP management desired to make fun of his statements.

“The Opposition is looking for some reason or other every day to affect the Home,” Jitendra Singh, Reverend of Condition in the Primary Minister’s Workplace said.

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