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PM Modi to Be present at Parliament, Rest of Winter time Session: Naidu

New Delhi: Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said Primary Reverend Narendra Modi will trouble Parliament for the staying three times of the cold months of winter time period and charged the Opposition of “changing goalpost” to affect the performing of both the Homes.

“The Primary Reverend, except when he was out, is in Parliament every day. He is the first man to come to the Parliament and the last man to go. He is using his space and viewing all that is being conducted.

As and when there is a requirement, he comes to the Home,” Naidu said.When requested particularly if the Primary Reverend will trouble Parliament for the next three times, he said,” He will be.”


PM Modi to Be present at Parliament, Relax of Winter time Session: Naidu

PM Modi to Be present at Parliament, Relax of Winter time Session: Naidu


Naidu’s comments come without anyone’s knowledge of Opposition’s need for Modi’s existence in the Home during the controversy on demonetisation and conversation under a concept which requires voting.

The winter time period of the Parliament has experienced almost finish fail since it started on Nov 16. It will continue the next day and determine on Dec 16.

Stressing that the federal govt wants to have a conversation on the demonetisation problem, Naidu charged the Opposition of “changing goalpost”, saying the Speaker had permitted the conversation under concept 193 and now it is being disturbed by the Congress-led Opposition.

After the conversation started, the Opposition noticed that they “don’t have anything to say” and instantly started challenging that Primary Reverend trouble the Home.

“You want Primary Reverend to come to Home and pay attention to all the violations. Who are they (Opposition) to choose and determine. There is concept 193 and the speaker has already approved (a conversation under it),” he said.

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