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Prepared to Chant ‘Modi Modi’ if Demonetisation Removes Corruption: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Primary Reverend Arvind Kejriwal on Weekend said that if demonetisation would ‘eliminate’ crime and black money, he would chant ‘Modi, Modi’ while repeating his requirement that the Primary Reverend take out it or else the nation’s ‘economy will be destroyed’.

Kejriwal said the Primary Reverend changes his outfits several periods in a day but he preaches to individuals compromise a while due to demonetisation.

“Due to demonetisation, labourers, farm owners and investors have been damaged and everyone is dropping their tasks, but PM is active with modifying outfits several periods. Modi ji whatever you say, you should apply it first on you,” he said.

Addressing a gather of investors in Bawana, Kejriwal said he has variations with the Primary Reverend on several methodologies, but if he does excellent performs like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Yoga exercises Day, he will discover us status with him.


Prepared to Chant 'Modi Modi' if Demonetisation Removes Corruption: Kejriwal

Prepared to Chant ‘Modi Modi’ if Demonetisation Removes Corruption: Kejriwal


“If demonetisation would really reduce crime and black money, I will also chant ‘Modi, Modi’. We had put our way of life in danger during anti-corruption activity with Anna ji.

“We had accepted the Primary Minister’s shift for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Yoga exercises Day, medical attacks, but Modi has done incorrect by presenting demonetisation and we will battle it,” Kejriwal said when some area of investors chanted “Modi Modi”.

They (BJP) will damage the nation’s economic system and there is no very first remedy being seen to the disorder designed due to demonetisation, he also said.

Kejriwal claimed that PM has gotten demonetisation to “benefit” his business buddies who had taken large loans.

Later in videos clip published on a public media web page the Delhi Primary Reverend repeated his requirement that PM take out demonetisation.

“PM has desired 50 times from the individuals eliminate their issues coming up out of the demonetisation, but the Finance Minister said that it needs six months to create all factors set up. Even Modi ji and Jaitley don’t know solution.. ,” he said.

Taking a dig at PM for his comment over a WhatsApp movie displaying beggar using a run device, Kejriwal said that BJP should quit “accepting” profit money.

“80 percent of contribution of the BJP comes in money. Primary Reverend should first quit this. 92 percent of Aam Aadmi Party comes from cheques and other techniques…Modi has set a restrict of Rs 2.5 lakh for marriage.

“I want to know from Modi ji whether his ministers and party MPs get weddings of their children and kids at an expenses of Rs 2.5 lakh. Several stores and market have been shut,” he said.

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